Mission, objectives and strategy

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It is our mission to offer IT services and solutions that will make the world a safer and securer place, to be a reliable partner that ultimately makes the difference for customers and to provide a stimulating working environment for our employees.


Our short term objectives are:

  • to continue a strong but balanced growth,
  • to expand our market share in aerospace and defence sectors and
  • to expand to road, rail and marine transportation sectors



Our strategy is to continue to grow in aerospace and defence sectors. In this sector we will, at least, retain our level of services with the ambition to improve. Furthermore, we will expand our knowledge, skills and competences and keep investing in ongoing innovative programmes to develop these qualities.


We believe that the capabilities of our team are of great value in road, rail and marine transportation sectors. Our experience with safety assurance, which requires a high level of quality, is likely to be of value where motion must be ‘in control’. Hence we will seek analogous challenges which will enable so called concentric diversification.