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42 Solutions are IT experts in motion, control and security. We focus on your question to provide you the ultimate answer. The ultimate solution in other words. That is what is in our name and we commit ourselves to for organisations in defence, aerospace and traffic.

Even though our expertise is applied in a great diversity of areas in these markets we have developed a number of core solutions that may be of interest to you. Core solutions on which to develop specific solutions to your specific problem. Here are three generic solutions we would like you to know.





CIMACT is a system for identification of civil and military flights and coordination between military and civil authorities. It is widely applied by national air forces for different purposes. It can be used for Search And Rescue (SAR) operations, to provide Land Forces with an air picture and to exchange information on possible renegade aircraft between countries, safeguarding local airspaces during major events such as Winter Olympics and many more. In the course of the CIMACT development, many data formats and protocols have been implemented, catering for a large diversity of flight data sources. The international community has qualified the implementation of CIMACT in Germany and Europe as a best practice in the global civil military domain.

The increase of air traffic imposes a challenge on monitoring and control for traffic controllers. GAEA aims to counter the intensified workload by presenting the right information at the right time on a concise situational display. As recent incidents have exposed, controller paradigms are built around safeguarding traffic for which a controller is responsible. GAEA offers decision support logic expanding beyond the traditional area of responsibility without burdening the controller. GAEA offers automatic detection of a wide range of anomalies irrespective of air spaces, boundaries and domains. With GAEA, 42 Solutions offers a comprehensive situational awareness tool that is adaptable to your needs and integrates seamlessly in your environment. The open architecture and configuration agility even allows for portability and in-the-field deployment.


Becker Avionics’ ADS-B Traffic Localization And Surveillance System (ATLASS) uses GAEA to augment situational awareness with data provided by BAR6216 compact ADS-B sensors.
ATLASS offers a lightweight but scalable modular solution ranging from a standalone version to a multi-user client-server configuration. The latter caters for expansion with a wide range of supporting functionalities. The open architecture allows it to be customised to accommodate specific user needs.


IDS is our Information Dissemination System. It was originally developed in the ERRIDS consortium as a solution to demonstrate and evaluate procedures in airport security. The core element is the real time distribution of information on security threats to decision makers on a need to know basis. Although developed for air traffic, the solution can be applied in any situation where security and effective incident management is essential.


Let us know what your challenge is and we will collaboratively find the ultimate solution.