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42 Solutions integrates systems with internal and external systems, based on a diversity of propriety or open communication standards. We have integrated several systems for operational or demonstration purposes. We help you to integrate your systems and to build secure gateways to external systems for a fast and safe communication.


We adapt your systems or applications to plug-in on operational networks by creating network access points and converting data structures:


  • networks, like RAPNET, RADNET, Internet, VPN, ISDN
  • communication protocols, like X.25, UDP, TCP, UMTS
  • data standards, like SHAPE, DTED, ASTERIX, ADXEP


42 Solutions installed an ATM coordination tool at French and German Control & Report Centres and sites of the German Air Force and NATO to exchange civil and military air traffic information. We integrated the ATM coordination tool with local radars in with local radar in the ATC network RADNET, a ARTAS tracker and a A1000 Radar Extractor. We have adapted communication servers to support multiple-communication protocols over available networks.