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CAI system overview
November 12, 2013

42 Solutions supports the NATO-Russia Vigilant Skies 2013 exercise

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A live, three-day joint NATO-Russia counter-terrorism exercise “Vigilant Skies 2013”, to test the NATO-Russia Council’s Cooperative Airspace Initiative (CAI) Information Exchange System (IES), has been successfully completed on Thursday 26 September 2013. The exercise took place over the three CAI geographical areas of operational interest, Bodø – Murmansk, Warsaw – Kaliningrad and Ankara – Rostov-on-Don.READ MORE >

Military Air Traffic Controller at CRC AOCS NM for whom a fallback system is being developed
April 19, 2012

Work on AOC Nieuw Milligen commences

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42 Solutions has been granted the chance to assist EUROCONTROL with the development of a fallback capability for the remote ODS sector at Air Operations Control Station Nieuw Milligen. The ODS sector allows tight coordination between Nieuw Milligen (Dutch Mil) and the EUROCONTROL Upper Area Control Centre at Maastricht.   In case of a disruption ofREAD MORE >

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March 14, 2011

Hot-Standby capability for CIMACT

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For certain key CIMACT installations on sites in Europe availability requirements are reaching levels where a normal switch-over does not suffice. To facilitate these sites EUROCONTROL has contracted 42 Solutions to provide a hot-standby capability running parallel services in a CIMACT cluster. Since CIMACT processes a wide variety of data streams with different properties the hot-standbyREAD MORE >