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Noud de Lang42 Solutions assisted EUROCONTROL Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) in developing the Human Machine Interface (HMI) software for the Fallback System back in 2004/2005. 42 Solutions was selected after an open Call for Tenders amongst others because of their knowledge of the used programming languages and the positive experience MUAC already had with 42 Solution via other projects.

The Fallback System is an operational system at Maastricht UAC which is available and ready for use 24/7. The developed software is in use since early 2006 and fully satisfies the needs and requirements as set in the past. The software has proven to be very stable and maintenance is mainly evolutive maintenance.

The strong points of 42 Solutions are there knowledge, up to date experience and relatively young staff. As the company is relatively small it is flexible, but still adheres to the rules of project management as well as programming which are dictated for operational ATC software.

Although being a smaller company, 42 Solutions is able to meet the very stringent and exhaustive quality and safety rules for new ATC-systems. This includes the extensive testing, the related documentation and ensuring full traceability and transparency.

Air Traffic Control is a niche market in many areas dominated by the big companies. Working with 42 Solutions with short communication lines between customer, 42 Solutions management and their developers is a totally different environment, more responsive, flexible and a smaller more personal team to work with.

Noud de Lang
Maastricht Upper Area Control, EUROCONTROL

Rainer KoelleI’ve been employed by EUROCONTROL in Brussels for some time now. Previously, I worked as an air traffic controller with the Luftwaffe - the German air force. In my work I carried out various activities for EUROCONTROL at the Maastricht site. I was mainly involved in communications between military air traffic control and civil operations, such as the distance that military planes should observe in densely populated areas. It was during this period that I came into contact with 42 Solutions. We called in 42 Solutions to redevelop ADMAR 2000 / CIMACT, a so-called “legacy system” or outdated computer system, which although reliable was in need of modernization to meet present day requirements.’

‘ I was impressed with the way 42 Solutions worked, right from this first assignment. The commitment of their employees is far greater than anything I’ve ever seen in other ICT companies. The people at 42 Solutions aren’t happy about leaving their work unfinished before they go home at night. They look for solutions in a proactive way and never say “sorry, we can’t do any more.” That's really unique. I’ve never heard a 42 Solutions employee moaning about their employer - something that happens regularly with other company employees. People love working for 42 Solutions and you can see that in their products.

’’42 Solutions has developed a prototype of the new computer system, called GAFACT. The quality of this system did not give us any cause to give any future assignments to another company.

Rainer Koelle