Our purpose is to contribute to the safety, security and sustainability of global air traffic by developing smart software solutions. The world of air traffic management and air defence has been affected by incidents like 9/11 and MH370. The role of operators has changed, not only because of these changing paradigms, but also because of a changing world. ATM will have to adapt to emerging airspace users like drones and cater for the reduction of the air traffic footprint. Our solutions and innovations support airspace operators to reduce workload and risk.



We are a tech company with a focus on people: employees, clients, partners. We  believe that our business should be based on trust as the foundation of lasting relationships. This is reflected in our core values: engaging, reliable and independent. Why don’t you work with us?
Our Crew of Forty-Two is encouraged to shape our future in proactive synergetic relationships. We value colleagues that are willing to help each other, and clients, in their time of need. We offer a place where people are respected and valued with their talents and flaws. A place where passions can thrive. Be part of the Crew of Forty-Two: join us!


We are driven to find the ultimate solution to the challenges you face. This is embedded in our company name derived from a story in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. In this story, Deep Thought, a super computer, has been developed to calculate the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. The Ultimate Answer, 42, illustrates that it is useless to find answers to questions you do not understand. We focus on your question to ensure that we understand the problem you face. You’ll find our commitment to providing the right answer to be exceptional.



We offer a variety of answers to the challenges you face ranging from software products and services  to innovation. Our skill set allows us to build tailored software solutions that meet your safety requirements and quality standards. To allow you to seamlessly adopt our own as well as third-party products we provide integration, customisation and maintenance support. If you want to know more, please visit our solutions page.
(Source photo: Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland)