Innovative drone detection system aims to protect airports against illegal drones.

42 Solutions, a Netherlands based software development company for the air traffic management and air defence sector, is pleased to announce that the project Counter-UAV Protection System for Airports (CUPS) has started.

The CUPS project is a collaboration between RNC Avionics from Lancaster, UK and 42 Solutions from Eindhoven, The Netherlands and its aim is to develop a new, state-of-the-art counter UAV system by integrating RNC Avionics’ SkyPatriot UAV Detection System with the innovative air traffic management (ATM) platform from 42 Solutions.

The CUPS project will produce a unique solution to increase airspace safety by detecting illegal drones and alerting airport security forces to initiate counter measures. The CUPS project will run for 22 months, and it receives funding from the EUREKA Eurostars Secretariat through the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

“We are thrilled to be working with 42 Solutions on the exciting CUPS project and integrate our SkyPatriot technology for optical detection and identification of UAVs with 42 Solutions ATM platform”, says owner and CEO of RNC Avionics Garik Markarian.

RNC Avionics and 42 Solutions are passionate about developing innovative security solutions for airports. We feel that the combination of our technologies will produce an attractive and competitive product that addresses the key challenge facing airports regarding illegal drones.”

Bert Brouwer, founding partner of 42 Solutions: “We are very excited to participate in the CUPS project with RNC Avionics. We believe this collaboration will lead to an innovative and very relevant product for the Airport and ATM market.”

To learn more about the CUPS project, please contact us or the consortium project manager Søren Udby at +44 1524 840450 or or go to