If your organisation uses, or would like to deploy, EUROCONTROL products like ARTAS or SDDS, then 42 Solutions is your support services partner.

ARTAS, the ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server, is deployed in over 30 civil and military centres. One of the largest configurations, with over 45 radars, has been deployed, integrated, configured, tuned and maintained by 42 Solutions.

SDDS, the Surveillance Data Distribution System, can be used to build a versatile ATM network of sensors as well as flight data nodes in compliance with the EC Interoperability Regulations.

We actively support and maintain deployments of ARTAS and SDDS and can support your environment as well.



The ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server (ARTAS), and the Surveillance Data Distribution System (SDDS) are EUROCONTROL software products. They are maintained and operationally supported by EUROCONTROL.

42 Solutions is an approved ARTAS service partner and supports the processes of installation, configuration, monitoring and tuning of ARTAS incl. SASS-C and SDDS, as well as the long-term maintenance of the installed products. We can help you integrate ARTAS and SDDS services in your operational environment or build an ATM network.

Interoperability is a key element and we have a standing track record of connecting legacy and standardised environments and can offer tailored peripheral interface solutions for the integration of legacy systems. Our staff is trained and certified to integrate ARTAS and the SDDS systems in the most complex ATM system environments.



Core components like ARTAS and SDDS need proper supervision and maintenance. We respect the need of a first-tier supervision and operational maintenance role within the ANSP organisation. At the same time, we also encourage our customers to look at the bigger picture because performance and accuracy matter. We therefore offer supplementary services to update tuning and configuration parameters, as well as software components on a regular basis. These could for example also include the addition or removal of (radar) data sources. Periodic assessment of key performance indicators can prevent system malfunctions and will ensure availability to your organisation.



To maximise the tracker performance and tailor it to your operational needs, 42 Solutions can tune your ARTAS using detailed radar data and tracker performance analysis. The operational needs typically differ between military and civil operations. On the military side there may be a need for quick track initiation and tracking of tight turns. On the civil side there may be a need for reduction of clutter (false initiation) and gentle trajectory predictions. With the help of the SASS-C product toolset, we can generate detailed reports which help you with further validation and/or suitability for operation of the output from ARTAS.

These are all specificities that we master and for which we can develop dedicated tuning profiles. Trust our 20-year experience in radar data processing and fusion for your project.


Key features

  • Supporting your surveillance processes
  • Performance, accuracy and improvement analysis
  • Development of site-specific optimization and tuning profiles
  • Site surveys, data sampling and analysis
  • Maintenance and tuning plans tailored to your needs
  • Competence and expertise to integrate legacy systems
  • EUROCONTROL recognised service provider