ARTAS, the ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server is a EUROCONTROL software product. It is maintained and operationally supported by CAMOS, the Centralised ARTAS Maintenance and Operational Support unit. 42 Solutions supports the processes of installation, configuration, monitoring and tuning of ARTAS incl. SASS-C and SDDS. ARTAS tuning is done by 42 Solutions in collaboration with NLR, the Netherlands Aerospace Centre. ARTAS is the standard in surveillance in Europe and deployed by more than 30 civil ANSPs and military centres. 42 Solutions has recently assisted the German Air Force with the tuning of their trackers and the replacement of their ATM environment.


Surveillance sensors

Integrating with your sensors
ADS-B and C


ARTAS services

42 Solutions services in cooperation with NLR (Netherlands Aerospace Center): tuning of ARTAS


SASS-C services

Surveillance Analysis Support System for ATC-Centres. 42 Solutions services: installation, configuration and monitoring


Related software

The displayed ARTAS set-up can be expanded to include: record and replay (Transcriber) Fallback systems (Merlin fallback) Coordination functions with other civil and military centers (CIMACT) Air Situation Display (Merlin ASD)


ARTAS Services

ATM Surveillance Tracker and Server. 42 Solutions services: installation, configuration and monitoring


SDDS services

Surveillance Data Distribution System. 42 Solutions services: installation, configuration, monitoring and tuning


ATC functions

ARTAS integrates with your: Controller Working Position CIMACT ATC Networks Other software


Transcriber, Merlin

Transcriber, Merlin fallback and ASD are software products of 42 Solutions.