Sparrow mitigates the effects that UAVs may have on airport operations and saves costs incurred by closure of airspaces and diversion of traffic. 42 Solutions offers you a multisensor system that is modular and fully integrated, serving all stakeholders, and offers you the speed to respond instantly, making your airport operations safe and resilient. Sparrow assesses threats by incorporating UTM and ATC data and shares the situational awareness with all stakeholders including ATC and security forces. This swift alerting mechanism facilitates agile collaborative decision making, allowing every stakeholder to contribute.



Sparrow uses information from multiple sources to detect UAV traffic in the vicinity of the airport. The system has an open architecture and can be integrated with a variety of sensors. By combining sensors using different technologies with a variety of classification methods (electro-optical, radio-frequency, doppler signatures), Sparrow maximises the probability of detection. The system has been integrated with Robin Radar Systems Elvira® and Rinicom SkyPatriot. The open architecture allows for easy integration of additional sensors, like the DJI Aeroscope, as long as these sensors provide an open published interface.



An essential element in threat mitigation and resolution is real-time shared situational awareness that enables agile collaboration. Sharing of information can be done in human controlled and automatic mode. Sparrow contains two information gateways to establish this shared awareness. The first is the ATM Security Gateway. This gateway offers a safe way to inform Air Traffic Control about the UAV threat if the C2 operator establishes that the threat really affects ATC operations. The second is the Security Forces Gateway that enables CDM with the dedicated Sparrow Smartphone/Tablet App. Information dissemination to security forces can be automated and allows them to assess and defuse the situation even before the threat to ATC becomes critical.



Sparrow uses ATC data, UAV sensor data and UTM data to build a comprehensive situational picture. UAV traffic is actively monitored by the system observing UTM clearances, ATC traffic, published AIP information and critical infrastructure. UAV traffic that is in violation of rules and regulations and/or UAV traffic that is compromising safety will trigger an alert on the Sparrow Command & Control (C2) position. The C2 operator controls information dissemination and facilitates cross-stakeholder CDM.



The system offers an information feedback loop from responders to the system so that all stakeholders are up-to-date at all times. Responders can actively report on their progress and expedite resuming of flight operations. The shared information includes threat information, classification, alerting, logging of collaborative actions, feedback on the results of actions and a shared view on the actual air traffic situation on workstations and mobile devices. Above features offer you the speed to respond instantly, making your airport operations safe and resilient. The system offers generic capabilities and conforms to EC IOP regulations. Additionally, we provide services for seamless integration in existing.