Merlin is an Air Situation Display system suitable to function as a fallback system in safety critical environments. Its design is smart and robust. This design is such that Merlin can easily be tailored to your ATCO needs and way of work. 42 Solutions has reinvested years of IT and Civil and Military ATM domain knowledge in the development of this system. Air Traffic Control the Netherlands(LVNL) will shortly start using the system in their contingency centre. The Merlin fallback system is developed in accordance with Software Assurance Level 4 objectives of ED-153. It complies with the EC interoperability requirements and integrates seamlessly with your CN/ATM environment.


Customise and integrate

Merlin is a robust system. It is based on our decades of experience in software development for the ATM sector. System behaviour and algorithms can be customised to support your (local) ATM procedures in a dedicated software release.
42 Solutions supports interface development and system integration to ensure seamless integration with your CNS/ATM environment. Many known community specification interfaces are already supported by Merlin fallback. For example track, plot and weather processing is based on ASTERIX standards.



The Merlin Air Situation Display offers a concise situational awareness to the ATCO and its peers with which they can safely control air traffic in a fallback scenario. Executive commands relayed to pilot can be input into the system in order to disseminate the information to all controllers.



Local system support can change the adaptation data such as maps, labels, tracks colours and the content of the Virtual Input Display.
The system is managed through a monitoring and control interface by your system supervisors.
42 Solutions can support your organisation with the initial adaptation.


Quality and Safety

To increase reliability to complexity of the system has been kept to a minimum. Merlin fallback offers limited functionality yielding the high robustness essential for a safety critical fallback environment.



In an article on Linked Marcel Bakker, General Manager Systems & Infrastructure at ATC Netherlands, expressed his gratitude for the team of LVNL and 42 Solutions. At the same time that team was over at our office in Eindhoven to evaluate the collaboration and take next steps. Read more here.