Merlin is a fully independent Air Traffic Management solution for ANSPs who need a reliable primary, fall-back or contingency solution. Merlin has been developed in accordance with applicable safety regulations and provides a field-proven solution for continuous operations with a highly configurable system environment. Merlin’s robust system design allows it to be tailored to your operational needs and procedures. The Total Cost of Ownership of Merlin is highly competitive and does not carry hidden costs. We support your business case and provide you with the service and adaptation that will allow your organisation to maximise its operational capabilities.



The Merlin Air Situation Display offers the following key features that allow for a seamless introduction in your environment:

  • Track, plot and weather processing;
  • Role based user interface with tailored touch input panel, label layouts and airspace maps;
  • Executive input broadcasting for sound situational awareness across all air traffic controller positions;
  • Touch input panel (physical or emulated).

Local system support can change the adaptation data such as maps, labels, track colours and Touch Input Panel menus. The system can be managed by your system supervisors through the Merlin monitoring and control interface. Merlin can be adapted and customised to your needs and local procedures. 42 Solutions can provide all services required to ensure a seamless integration with your existing CNS/ATM environment.



Merlin has been developed by 42 Solutions, a Dutch software company with more than 20 years of experience working with ANSPs to meet their stringent needs.

42 Solutions is a dynamic Dutch SME known for its personal approach and engagement. Our Crew of Forty-Two has established a standing track-record in civil and military ATC and is valued for its drive to provide the client with the ultimate answer required to meet challenges.

In a typical Merlin deployment this means a focus on adapting and customising the system by rapid prototyping to establish a sound understanding of the operational needs. The prototype system can be made available on-site for evaluation by your ATCOs at their convenience. This maximises the ATCO\u2019s involvement and acceptance.



Merlin is developed fully independently and shares no common components with other operational systems. This limits the risk of common failures when used in parallel with other systems.

The Merlin architecture offers autonomous operation, allowing individual positions to function independently from server or peer components. This setup offers extreme availability and limits disruption of services in a contingency scenario.

Merlin is provided with a tailored operating system limiting dependencies to maximise reliability. Merlin is integrated with various track, sensor and data sources, offering additional redundancy in case data sources are compromised.


Key features

  • Fully customizable multi-layer digital maps
  • High fidelity air situation with zero latency
  • Multi-sensor processing and fusion (up to 30,000 tracks)
  • Programmable track, plot and flight plan presentation
  • Integrated decision support tools and safety nets
  • Multiple user input support (mouse, keyboard, trackpad, touch panel)
  • Hot/cold standby + fall-back configurations
  • Combinable with the Transcriber record and replay tool
  • Compliant with ED-153 SWAL 3 and EC IOP Regulations
  • In-house maintained Linux-based OS



In an article on Linked In, Marcel Bakker, General Manager Systems & Infrastructure at ATC Netherlands, expressed his gratitude for the team of LVNL and 42 Solutions. At the same time that team was over at our office in Eindhoven to evaluate the collaboration and take next steps. Read more here.