If you have a question in the field of civil and military air traffic management, airport or airline operations we invite you to consult us and to join us in a synergistic process that leads to shared knowledge and a profound understanding of the challenges ahead. This process allows us to seek
and provide the ultimate answer to your question. We aim to be creative and innovative, which is why we research in collaboration with you and partners in Europe and beyond. The knowledge acquired is applied in our software development which is done in accordance with
high quality standards. To provide the most effective solution we aim to develop generic reusable software components that boost our productivity and reduce the total cost ownership.



Developing ultimate answers starts with framing your question right. What’s your question? We are people people. Everything we do starts with you. Looking into your question therefore starts with building a trustful relationship and learning about you, your organisation and its operational context. We do this by engaging in a synergistic process that leads to shared knowledge and a profound understanding of the challenges ahead. We provide software consultancy to organisations like: EUROCONTROL, European Air Transport Command, Movement Coordination Center Europe



The scope of our research envelopes innovative boundless tinkering by individuals to develop ideas and knowledge as well as engaging with partners to develop viable road maps and solutions to meet national and European ATM challenges. The diversity in our research activities empowers us to provide innovative answers to tomorrows questions which we apply in our consultancy and development activities.
The Netherlands and German Aerospace Centers (NLR and DLR) have been valued partners on multiple research projects. We have also partnered with commercial partners like Saab, Airbus and Thales. In the near future we will be starting a project on the edge on research and development creating a counter drone solution with RNC Avionics.



42 Solutions develops software solutions in a collaborative fashion. As with our consultancy activities we aim to provide you the system that meets your challenges. We apply an interactive development approach in order to achieve this.
In our software development activities we capture and reuse generic software components in order to increase our productivity and reduce the total cost ownership. Our software development methodologies allow us to build our software in compliance with ED153 objectives for SWAL4 and 3. 42 Solutions has developed and maintains the
Civil-Military ATM Coordination Tool (CIMACT) on behalf of EUROCONTROL. It is deployed at Air Forces throughout Europe.



We offer support to our customers with supplementary services such as continuous software improvement, site installations, integration, help desk support and software/documentation update services. Being in touch with your operational environment allows us to provide better answers in a changing world.