The Transcriber is a scalable and versatile record and replay system that can record any stream or message-oriented data source. It is particularly useful for storing historic radar, flight data and tracker data. The Transcriber has been developed as a replacement unit for the EUROCONTROL RRR system which has reached end-of-life. Its design allows the Transcriber to be extended with modules to implement audio and off-screen video recordings. The Transcriber can transparently record any (raw) data source regardless of its format from the network. It is actively deployed to record over 3 years of data with over 50 simultaneous radar, track and flight data sources. The Transcriber recordings can readily be used for radar analysis and tracker tuning. It is an ideal source for search and rescue operations (instantaneous replay) and accident/incident investigations.



Transcriber is a configurable recording solution capable of handling over 100 channels in multiple data formats. The product supports conventional interface protocols but can also be tuned to access legacy or custom-defined interfaces.

The system offers the possibility to synchronize the recorded files and complies with the applicable regulations in place for ATM data storage.

Our cluster storage system offers a reliable, scalable and performant way to record your data.



The recorded data can be easily accessed by a third-party system with its own HMI or via our Merlin ATM platform and can then be replayed on any ATCO or supervisor position. Transcriber has an open architecture and can be customized to fit into a defined environment if necessary.

Combined with our Merlin ATM display component, Transcriber offers a complete analysis position, which can be used in various ways from incident and complaint investigation, to performance analysis or search and rescue.



Transcriber is the ideal tool to analyse events, procedures, performance, incidents and accidents. It provides a full range of options to professionally address operational occurrences and helps in better understanding the facts that led to them. It is also a pertinent tool during ATCO training as it provides real-life air traffic situations that can be easily replayed, discussed and studied.

Transcriber is your ideal asset for your post-event analysis and debriefing and helps you in your continuous improvement and training procedures.


Key features

  • Simultaneous audio, video and data channel recording
  • Multiple data formats supported
  • Database accessible through dedicated HMIs or existing ATM environments
  • In-house maintained Linux-based OS
  • Compliant with ED-111, ED-137 and EU interoperability requirements
  • Field-proven and already in operational use at multiple sites