The Crew of 42 (co-)pilot for a day

May 25, 2023 By

The Crew of Papa Hotel 42 Sierra ( PH42S ) is cleared for take off! 🛫 

☀️ Today we have had an amazing day hosted by the Eindhovense Aero Club Motorvliegen, where we got to go up in the air and experience first hand what it’s like being a (co- 😉)pilot and communicating with the ATC Tower in the process of taking off, flying and landing. 

It was incredible to see the processes that we work on on a daily basis with so much dedication come to life like this. A big heartfelt thank you to everyone involved who made this possible!        

One of our flight paths; we were treated to an hour of flying – taking off and landing at Eindhoven Airport.
Very proud of our accomplishments and an incredible team building experience!